Our History

For over 20 years, Take 1 have been providing Nottingham’s young people with an outlet for their creativity and passions. In 1995, Courtney Rose created an organisation called The D.A.R.K Project, aimed at raising drug awareness among young people and engaging them in a constructive manner, whilst giving them a chance to meet new people and socialise.


In 1999, Courtney’s vision grew and the project developed into a company that we now know as Take 1 Studios. He wanted to provide the community with a charity that would encourage the youths of Nottingham to engage in fully recognised music courses, with legitimate qualifications.


In 2004, Executive Director – Courtney Rose, Operations Manager – Melissa Rose and Administrator – Naomi Fearon then targeted colleges across Nottingham with the exciting courses that they had built and developed.


More and more young people showed an interest which led them to create Take 1 Studios – Centre for Learning in 2005, which was one of Nottingham’s finest alternative provisions.

As the education and music were growing hand in hand, Melissa Rose had an idea to offer dance classes within the community as another way of engaging and encouraging the youths. These classes started off as all ages and all abilities which was so exciting for the local families as they all got involved. From mums and sons, to dads and daughters and even the occasional grandma; Take 1 dance classes flourished and became Nottingham’s largest street dance school.


In 2008 the dance scene had prospered so much that Courtney, Melissa and Naomi decided to create a separate branch called Take 1 Dance, that is now known world-wide for their expertise in street dance. (See Take 1 Dance for more info)


In 2017, the school had developed so drastically and reached a mass number of students in the community, that had later gone on to achieve great things. Naomi (who was now Head Teacher) applied for Independent School status and the centre for learning was successful.


We can now say we are an: Independent School, internationally known dance school and one of Nottingham’s finest music studio centres. For this, all our members of staff both past and present are grateful to each and every person that has stepped through the Take 1 doors and allowed us to develop and deliver for our community.


If you would like to know more about Take 1 or the services we provide, get in touch today or come down to our home in Radford – we’d love to talk to you.