Our History

For over 15 years, Take 1 have been providing Nottingham’s young people with an outlet for their creativity and passions. In 1995, Courtney Rose created an organisation called The D.A.R.K Project, aimed at raising drug awareness among young people and engaging them in a constructive manner, whilst giving them a chance to meet new people and socialise.


The organisation then grew to become Take 1 established in 1999. Today, we provide a wide range of facilities and opportunities for those who visit. During the day we function as a centre for learning: our premises in Hyson Green welcomes young people who are no longer in mainstream education, offering them qualifications such as Functional Skills, Music Technology, Arts Awards and PSHE.


As well as our learning facilities, we also offer a fantastic dance programme, run by our in-house staff who have spent years training to become professionals within the dancing industry. Thanks to our dance programmes, those taking part can have the opportunity to travel around the country and sometimes the world taking part in various shows and exhibitions, as well as our own event, Kingdom of Dance.


If you would like to know more about Take 1 or the services we provide, get in touch today or come down to our home in Radford – we’d love to talk to you.