Take 1 Surprise Donation

Take 1 Surprise Donation

Our dancers went out at the end of 2015 to compete at the World of Dance UK heats. With professional teams from across the country competing for a chance to win and qualify to represent the UK at the World of Dance World Finals in July 2016.

We had 26 dancers competing in 2 different categories, Under 18s and Over 18s. After hours of competition the results were in. Our Under 18s were the UK champions and our Over 18s came 3rd. Both have qualified to represent the UK in LA!

Next step was to raise the funds to be able to seize this opportunity. Fundraising was underway with a massive help from our dancers parents, staff and our partner organisations. It was a long journey to get these dancers to LA to fulfil the opportunity they had worked so hard to earn.

Then on February 25th we received a surprise visit. See the video below to see what happened…

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WyL_JXy94U[/embedyt]

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